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Data gathering

  1. Credite experto
  2. Software analysis
  3. Requests analysis
  4. User survey


  1. Background
  2. Literature review
  3. Data collection & measurement
  4. Modelling & Testing
  5. Results
  6. Conclusions
  7. Appendices & Bibliography




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The usability of software for authoring and editing structured documents

Why structured-editing software isn't as widely-used as it could be, and what might be done to help

This is the wiki for my PhD research into some of the problems writers encounter when trying to use structured-document editing software (principally XML and LaTeX).

Writing is now complete. If you'd like to contribute, even at this stage, please email me. This research is being conducted in the Human Factors Research Group of the School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork under the supervision of Dr Jurek Kirakowski and Prof John McCarthy.

Where to start

  • What's a 'structured document' anyway, and why should I care? (aka 'what's wrong with Word')
  • A review of the research and initial findings, part of a 2011 departmental review
  • Some slides used at a departmental presentation explaining the progress of the research (actually you probably need to have me with you to speak along with the pictorial slides, but the textual ones are self-explanatory)
  • Final summary of the results
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